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While it is difficult to tell what the impact of higher up-front costs have had on the origination market, it is possible that higher origination fees, coupled with lower economic growth, have caused consumers to pause when deciding whether right now is the appropriate time to get a new mortgage for purchasing a home.
Among investor types, conduits for commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) and other securitization vehicles saw an increase in originations when compared with the same quarter last year, while other groups saw declines.
Ngenius: our origination and disbursement engine that supports Nconcert, Ntrust and Nteract.
8 percent increase in origination activity, according the bankers association survey.
91, financial institutions recognized these loan origination costs, for book purposes, through current expensing.
Originations for Fannie Mac increased 7 percent, originations for Freddie Mae increased 18 percent, originations for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans increased 104 percent and originations for pension funds dropped by 11 percent.
The Tax Court's decision in PNC directly addressed whether loan origination costs represent ordinary and necessary business expenses under Sec.
Multifamily was again the dominant property type, representing 35 percent of total second-quarter 2005 originations.
Originations of multifamily property loans led the quarter-over-quarter growth, increasing 62 percent from the first quarter of 2004.
Mortgage bankers' loan originations placed with investors who held them in portfolio, including commercial banks, life insurance companies, Freddie Mac, credit companies and others, increased over the last year.
MBA HAS RELEASED ITS QUARTERLY commercial and multifamily mortgage loan originations survey for the second quarter of 2004, which shows continued growth in mortgage originations.