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On the prairies, as in the East, the bourgeois' houses revealed their owners' elitist aspirations through unjustified size, through the inclusion of rooms with Victorian-specific purposes, and through the ornateness of the decoration.
We cannot prove that Wang Su was thinking about bell "scoring-prosody" (my neologism) as he complained about ornateness (wen).
Christopher Sykes, who accompanied him for much of the journey, later claimed that Byron, for all his ornateness, revered H.
It reached its peak of ornateness in the period furniture stylings of the French Renaissance and on through the reign of Louis XVI.
Then as a final step, jazzification gives a new, black ornateness to his poetry, but this new style surpasses the abstract character of his forbears because jazz began as and has remained a communal practice.
Just as the majesty of the Roman Empire can be seen in the ornateness of the chariots, our modern-day representations show the eclecticism and ingenuity of the modern world in the art car parking lot.