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n. short for Order to Show Cause. (See: Order to Show Cause)

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The subject of this order is the equipment of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication with various oscilloscopes for measuring the voltage signal.
The R&S RTO-B6/R&S RTE-B6 arbitrary waveform and pattern generator option provides two analog and eight digital channels operated via controls integrated into the oscilloscope GUI.
The kit includes built-in training signals, a comprehensive oscilloscope lab guide written specifically for undergraduate students, and an oscilloscope fundamentals slide set for professors and lab assistants.
The Rohde and Schwarz portfolio also includes the most compact lab oscilloscope for multidomain applications: the R and S RTO.
The 2-channel, full-function 100 MHz oscilloscope has a 5.
This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global digital oscilloscope market for the period 2014-2019.
The TBS1000 Series (TBS stands for Tektronix Basic Scope) oscilloscopes were launched in November 2012 bringing five 2-channel models.
The sample rate of an oscilloscope is similar to the frame rate of a movie camera.
Today we are heartbroken at Oscilloscope as we take in this awful news, and our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.
5 kilograms), and inexpensive MSOs are made possible by the newly developed ScopeCORE LSI engine, on which key oscilloscope technologies have embedded with a high density.
Testing UPS units using a traditional oscilloscope is difficult due to the oscilloscope's low measurement resolution, which at only 8 bits or less limits the accuracy of the test.
Today the oscilloscope and the technology connected to it is the tool of scientists, engineers, technicians and intensive-care-unit physicians, as it was 30 years ago.