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If sodium is rapidly replaced in hyponatraemia, fluctuating changes in osmotic pressure may lead to demyelination in the CNS and permanent neurological damage.
After both 30 and 60 days of feeding with Diet 1, the plasma osmolality level in flounder significantly decreased with decreases in environmental osmotic pressure.
3+]-APT content, and then the osmotic pressure difference decreases, which also contributes to shrinkage of the superabsorbent composites.
Hypoproteinemia contributes to a transudate type of pleural effusion, as the protein osmotic pressure in the blood results in an increased amount of filtering of fluid out of the vasculature.
Heavy texture of soil by changing in the relation between water and soil causes to reduce the water uptake in plant, increase the osmotic pressure of soil and water and sometimes the uptake of heavy metals for increasing the osmotic potential in the plants [6].
Further complicating the problem, some of these harmful pathogens are also protected by amoeba that are resistant to chlorination, temperature and osmotic pressure.
Because the units use oral rehydration syrup to create the osmotic pressure required to drive the filtration process, the resulting fluid provides the vital salts and sugar formula that help treat dysentery, diarrhea and other symptoms of dehydration.
The award-winning device is designed to function like a pump, using osmotic pressure to release drugs into the bladder.
com creates a learning environment for professionals to benefit from increased usage of the osmometer, a device for measuring the osmotic pressure exerted by a liquid passing through a semipermeable membrane.
These membranes cannot operate in the forward osmosis mode because they have to be built to withstand such pressures which results in Internal Concentration Polarization (ICP) -- in short, the membrane construction requires the water to travel long pathways through the membrane thickness, decreasing the osmotic pressure difference.
During the high wind periods, we could desalinate seawater using the excess electricity, and during low winds, allow the osmotic pressure differential between seawater and the desalinated water to generate electricity and feed the grid.
The OROS technology uses osmotic pressure to deliver the drug at a controlled rate.