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Often the STSL is ossified to produce compression of the suprascapular nerves whi-ch results in symptoms like pain in the shoulder re-gion wasting and weakness of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles.
However, most gonorynchiforms examined by us exhibit a well-developed, paired ossification that is usually named 'cephalic rib' but that is strikingly similar to the ossified Baudelot's ligament of teleosts such as catfishes, connecting the cleithrum and/or supracleithrum to the posteromesial surface of the neurocranium (usually exoccipital and/or basioccipital) (e.
In addition, the scapula, coracoid, and radials of the pectoral fin are ossified and the adult complement caudal-fin elements is present, but still unossified (13 principal rays and 11 procurrent rays).
Bored by Quebec/Canada's never-ending sovereignist/federalist squabbling, which he thinks ossified into a meaningless Punch and Judy show a long time ago, Arcand keeps his distance from political true believers with cures for the world's afflictions.
Let Hans Kung impeach the Catholic Church as an ossified institution, and he had James Carroll's fealty; let Martin Luther King accuse American society of racial bigotry, and he drew James Carroll to his banner; let Daniel Berrigan and Senator Eugene McCarthy arraign the American state for waging war in Vietnam, and they held James Carroll in thrall.
The trouble began when the pre-Vatican II church that many of us grew up in held on too long to the ossified rituals of Confession, which presumably served a largely immigrant Catholic population well.
Their skillful analysis of the varying social meanings of task and gang labor and slaves' gardens and provision ground restores interpretive vitality to discussions which, particularly in the contex of North American slavery, were in danger of becoming ossified by abstract typologies.
They oppose ossified interpretations of Islam that seek to inhibit modernism, and they do not consider their largely leftwing views as incompatible with Islam.
The skull was more completely ossified, to include the tightly articulated skull roof complex, although dental development was comparable to the more altricial specimens of the first litter.
It is derived from ceretohyal segment Ossified epihyal components continuous with stylohyal components gives the appearance of abnormally long styloid process.
Five hundred years later and York and Leicester are both claiming the ossified remains of a hunchbacked tyrant.