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American Way appealed, arguing that A&J was an actual or ostensible agent of Travelers.
The ostensible subcontractor rule holds that when a small business prime contractor subcontracts the "primary and vital requirements" of a government contract or is "unusually reliant" on such a subcontractor, the two companies are deemed "affiliated" for purposes of combining their sizes and determining set-aside contract eligibility.
SIDON, Lebanon: One person was killed and three people wounded in Sidon Thursday night during an exchange of gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades between ostensible political allies.
However, the court affirmed the lower court's determination that the hospitalists, although not employees of the hospital, were its agents under the theory of ostensible or apparent agency
the ostensible and artificial language of that prudence which [etc.
The terrorist was proceeding towards his ostensible target, an FC fort in the area on his motorbike when the explosive material went off accidentally, an FC official said adding that it was a powerful device and could have caused a big loss.
I was Hollywood's ostensible grand master of the dating game" - film star George Hamilton (pictured).
A committee of the Association prepared the manual on for organizations that develop standards, for lawyers who advise them, and for other participants involved in the process of developing standards, on how to handle the interplay between a standard and patents that ostensible are needed to implement it.
why are people laughing who have no ostensible cause for laughter, and what ethical and theological significance, if any, is there to such laughter?
Y asi, con tanta amenaza velada y ostensible, parecen reducirse los espacios del disentimiento tal y como se redujeron los del Zocalo para garantizar Grito y desfile.
As Contributing Editor Glenn Garvin notes in his masterful cover story, "Fidel's Favorite Propagandist" (page 50), many of Castro's ostensible accomplishments have been oversold.
Law plays a wealthy, married architect whose life is turned upside down by a break-in (and later, an affair), but the ostensible chaos that ensues is just as well-mannered as what came before.