ostensible purpose

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The stock was half rotten and worm-eaten; the lock was as rusty and about as well adapted to its ostensible purpose as an old door-hinge; the threading of the screws about the trigger was completely worn away; while the barrel shook in the wood.
There was a stewardess, too, actively engaged in producing clean sheets and table-cloths from the very entrails of the sofas, and from unexpected lockers, of such artful mechanism, that it made one's head ache to see them opened one after another, and rendered it quite a distracting circumstance to follow her proceedings, and to find that every nook and corner and individual piece of furniture was something else besides what it pretended to be, and was a mere trap and deception and place of secret stowage, whose ostensible purpose was its least useful one.
While the ostensible purpose is to encourage our verbal banalities, it might also be stretched to stereotypes.
Land of Aphrodite, and as of 2013 the bail-in, whose ostensible purpose was to avoid burdening states with bank debt and let savers take the hit.
Sitting with Lord Justice Bean and Mr Justice Turner, he added: "The ostensible purpose of the activity was not for sexual pleasure but simulated sex for commercial reasons.
Mr Justice Irwin said: "The ostensible purpose of the activity was not for sexual pleasure but simulated sex for commercial reasons.
Kleinbard shines light on the unintended consequences of overly simplistic policy prescriptions, such as efforts by House Republicans to cut funding for food stamps for the ostensible purpose of encouraging work.
Although the ostensible purpose of the HTT was to provide cultural awareness to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, the author encountered some members with no such expertise and she suggested recruitment into the program was deeply flawed.
And now he is poised to launch the onslaught of tsunami against the PML(N) government from 14th August, as announced by him at a public rally at Bahawalpur with the ostensible purpose to destabilize it.
The fake "peace conference" never had a chance of succeeding in its ostensible purpose.
1) Its ostensible purpose, as indicated by its full title, is "to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2013 for military activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes.
Commissioned by Artangel and initially comprising the facade and front third of the Kelley family's ranch-style house, the fragmentary homestead was for two and a half years either being transported on a flatbed truck, secured in a local storage facility, or parked on a lot outside MOCAD; in its goofy and vernacular form, it appeared unsuited for its ostensible purpose of social engagement.