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As for ostentatiousness, it is that a person goes beyond what is the cultural norm for one of his socio-economic class (tabaqatihi) and situation (tawrihi) in the manner of his food and dress, simply for the purpose of showing off to people (talaban li al-mubahah).
The couple are said to be keen to avoid any shows of lavishness or ostentatiousness.
Soon after its release, Mordecai Grossman, one of Demiashkevich's most vituperative critics, attacked it as "scholarship without wisdom" and seethed, "The reviewer can hardly remember a book on education, or on any other subject, that will match this one in ostentatiousness, unreasoned bias, and downright reactionary spirit" (Grossman 1935, 91-92).
There's 80s ostentatiousness, jungle adventure and fairytale prints to indulge in.
Perhaps advisors told Clegg (below) the voters like a bit of ostentatiousness.
In other words, while the cartoonist demonstrates Forrest's self-absortion, he also reinforces Forrest's ostentatiousness as an actor, his over-the-top emotions, and his frenetic action.
It is a curious attribute of Schubert's writing that the more one listens, the less one hears--that is to say, the more obvious it becomes that he was able to invoke a maximum of depth and complexity of emotion with a minimum of fuss and chromatic ostentatiousness.
Ample examples record noblewomen refusing to wear them, as part of their negotiation of a more independent identity, just as groups of women declined to wear them for fear of running afoul of strict sartorial policies sometimes imposed by local rulers incensed by public ostentatiousness.
Del Mar never grew to an unmanageable size or broad-avenued ostentatiousness, because it couldn't.
In the end, it is the very ostentatiousness of this turn of events, with its teasing possibility that the narrator might learn something of helpful significance from his unlikely vantage point, that must necessarily stick in the reader's imagination.
His ostentatiousness disparaged by picture framer Trevanny (Dougray Scott), when Reeves turns up out of the blue needing an unknown face to settle some Russian club turf rivals, Ripley seizes the opportunity for revenge and cruel amusement.
Holding my wallet through the Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani home stores on Madison (and Green), I wondered how consumers can still embrace quality while avoiding ostentatiousness.