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After many years of fundamental research in the fields of neurophysiology and neurocybernetics, Ostium have discovered a revolutionary method for diagnosing the human organism's internal state.
3) Average distance of Origin of SANA from Ostium of RCA and LCx
The sphenoid ostium is then enlarged medially and inferiorly (figure, E), with care taken to avoid injury to the lateral sphenoid wall containing the optic nerve (figure, F).
Single ostium was seen in 99 (99%) and only one case showed double ostia (1%) at left posterior aortic sinus (Table 1).
At type A coronary artery dissection, for avoiding a permanent need for anticoagulation and potential adverse of the vein grafts, local repair was performed with a continuous suture conjoining the dissected artery layers, leaving the ostium in continuity with the aortic wall.
Any clot or debris obstructing the ostium was also removed.
All patients with isolated ASD (ostium secundum, ostium primum and sinus venosus with or without PAPVD) were included.
This refers to a coronary ostium (either left or right) that is at least 1 cm above the sinotubular junction (instead of being at the aortic sinus) (4,7) (Figure 4).
Entre las anormalidades anatomicas de las arterias coronarias se encontraron: ausencia de tronco izquierdo, (4); dos arterias coronarias derechas con ostium individual, (1); arteria circunfleja con origen en seno derecho, (2); y trayecto retrocardiaco, (1); duplicacion de vasos, (6); nacimiento anterior de la arteria coronaria derecha, (1); arteria coronaria derecha con origen en el seno de Valsalva izquierdo y trayecto interarterial, (4); puente intramiocardico, (3); salida retroaortica de la arteria circunfleja, (1); salida de los tres vasos del seno coronario derecho, (1); ostium alto de la arteria coronaria derecha, (1); fistula arteriovenosa, (1); y rama de la arteria mamaria derecha a la primera diagonal, (1).
Approach the ostia as closely as possible, waiting until the ostium occupies most of the hysteroscope's screen.
Trilogia della morte di Pier Paolo Pasolini), segnala l'equazione tra il toponimo Ostia e il termine latino di hostia nel suo valore di vittima sacrificale (senza pero indicare che la radice etimologica della cittadina laziale sia in realta quella di ostium, nel significato di porta o foce, in tal caso evidentemente del Tevere).
The superior left ostium gave rise to a coronary artery supplying the anterolateral wall of the left ventricle; this artery was designated arbitrarily as a ramus branch, and it supplied the portion of the left ventricle typically supplied by a first obtuse marginal or ramus intermedius.