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Even her own relatives and friends had ostracised her, when the GRP turned vindictive and revealed that she had a turbulent married life and had deserted her husband.
Ostracised by their own Dalit community, they are happy that the world is taking an interest in them
But when I started I was ostracised by some of the other drivers.
In the concluding episode of the two-part story, Connor finds herself ostracised at the station for what seems a spectacular lapse of judgment, while Walker is determined that justice be done - one way or another.
It's so easy to recall the evil of Nazism, who despised, ostracised and persecuted those regarded as foreigners (Jews, Eastern Europeans, etc) with racist policies while using them as little more than slave labour.
The syndrome was first identified during the Second World War when a Norwegian woman developed a strong German accent, which led to her being ostracised by her community.
The secret of Katherine and Dylan is finally revealed - and although they have ostracised Edie, the girls band together to keep this story hidden.
Although you might not be a sufferer like yourselves, you do have that same suffering from being ostracised.
Weighing almost double the healthy limit for her height, Chaanah, 16, has been bullied and ostracised throughout her childhood - now the slimming summer camp for obese teenagers is her last hope.
These should be in place for school-leavers, so they don't immediately sign on and feel ostracised from society.
I don't think I will be ostracised from the party because of this but, if I do, who cares?
He claimed he was ostracised by the Prison Officers' Association after the TV programme.