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large, multiple, or both, disfiguring lesions, that can lead to social ostracism of affected persons (e.
The industry did not see her coming, overjoyed as they were to be graced with recognition in Brussels at the highest level after a period of ostracism during which reactor builders were scraping the bottom of the barrel.
the puny victim of a trade boycott by the world's greatest heavyweight champion of free trade), it ends with a rousing endorsement of a country that has conquered poverty, disease, and illiteracy in spite of its ostracism.
One needs to verify not just the appropriateness of employee conduct, but the sense on the part of staff that violations of acceptable behavior can be reported without fear of retribution or ostracism.
No reasonable jury could find that ostracism by fellow employees constituted extreme and outrageous conduct," the judge said.
Ebony succeeded stunningly as an antidote to the ostracism of blacks by the white press, and although getting Ebony and The Black Panther into the same collection of essays is a feat unto itself, the package provides excellent reading.
Romantic rejection, ostracism, stigmatization, job termination, and other kinds of rejections have the power to compromise the quality of people's lives.
It carried with it a moral judgment and a sentence of ostracism.
Harkness, in a meticulously researched and persuasively written study, has moved the angel conversations into the center of Dee's life, not only tying them to his major intellectual work and writings but also placing them ce ntrally in the well-known trajectory from his early popularity and influence as adviser to kings and queens to later ostracism and poverty.
We know we are sinners, and we are prepared to pay the wages of sin, which most often is tax (cigarettes, gas) or ostracism.
Teachers and youth organizations need to teach respect, not hatred and ostracism.
Maher was a member of the team that negotiated the ground-breaking peace treaty with Israel in the Camp David accords of 1979 and led to more than a decade of ostracism of Egypt by the rest of the Arab world).