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Both nations were to be ostracized as if they had acted in the same way, because even though the Ammonites' offence was worse, the Moabites committed the additional sin of hiring Balaam to curse the Israelites.
They found that people with high emotional intelligence were more likely to recommend that the ostracized other inhibit retaliation and accept fair offers when they have a weaker intention to retaliate.
In The Mill on the Floss, Maggie ends up cruelly ostracized for living with a married man as Eliot had, and the author shows how society is quick to condemn behavior that is not understood.
They include plans to deposit a severed chunk of oil pipeline somewhere in Afghanistan (The Treason of Images, 2001/2002); to erect a section of highway overpass in London's Green Park (This England, 1998/2002); to half-sink an industrial chimney in a Midlands reservoir (Coming up for air, 2001); to ferry Liverpool Biennial visitors around that city inside the contemporary, privatized equivalent of a Black Maria (The End of Art Theory, 2001/2002); and to fly the flags of three nations ostracized by UK diplomacy--Taiwan, Bhutan, and, of course, Iraq--from the dignified roof of Liverpool's Cunard b uilding (The Ambassadors, 2001/2002).
The couple are seeking damages for personal injuries mainly for depression, loss of earnings caused by the boy's constant need for supervision, for losses from having to move houses due to being ostracized and to financial pressures and the cost of damage to their home caused by the boy that was deemed wilful by the insurance company.
At the same time, Teal said, students must design a facility for use by people who speak multiple languages and face both a low literacy rate "and the stigma of AIDS, where people are ostracized by their own family.
Hers is not a story of overt abuse but of losing her ancestors and roots upon relocation of her family from Japan to the United States, and in her youth to a small town in Kansas where she was taunted and ostracized by her classmates at school.
The whole group turned on Lisa, and she went from trusted pal to ostracized outcast overnight.
It is regarded not as a valuable learning experience but as a sign of ineptitude or moral turpitude with family members being ostracized and credit ratings ruined.
Wrote King, "[W]ith tens of thousands of Liberians slain, hundreds of thousands displaced throughout West Africa, a generation of young Liberian boys ruined by their conversion to child soldiers, women raped and mutilated, his country is in absolute ruins and is ostracized by the world community -- except for hustlers, mercenaries and the preacher/entrepreneur from Virginia Beach.
And suddenly, I am beginning to understand a little more of Jesus's love for the lepers, ostracized by society as Aids victims are today, and for the adulterous woman, the rich young man and the hardworking fishermen.