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The ostracized other could either act rationally and accept fair offers in the monetary game, or act irrationally and reject fair offers, which would reduce rewards for both him or her and their ostracizers.
She said she was also scared of being further bullied or ostracized, but was now prepared to co-operate with the Office of Police Integrity and the police ethical standards department.
In The Mill on the Floss, Maggie ends up cruelly ostracized for living with a married man as Eliot had, and the author shows how society is quick to condemn behavior that is not understood.
95), a storybook about an ostracized unicorn with adorable illustrations by Jared Lee.
I am tired, too, of good priests who remain silent out of fear of being ostracized by both parishioners and other clergy.
Owen married his lover, the Pasha's daughter Zeinab, who is ostracized by her former friends for entangling herself with the Welsh expatriate.
Christian ethics professor Patrick McCormick lauds Alfred Kinsey's sexual behavior research in the 1940s and '50s and describes him as a passionate researcher ostracized by a prudish, Victorian, repressed society.
Using "official interviews" and a fascinating handwritten diary, Myers deftly explores the minds of three socially ostracized and bullied teenagers whose dysfunction has led to a Columbine--like massacre at their middle-class, Midwest high school.
Already the supposedly ostracized UN is being offered a major role in Iraqi nation-building.
After the fall, Eve was ostracized and IHYWYP was decreed to service the first man.
They include plans to deposit a severed chunk of oil pipeline somewhere in Afghanistan (The Treason of Images, 2001/2002); to erect a section of highway overpass in London's Green Park (This England, 1998/2002); to half-sink an industrial chimney in a Midlands reservoir (Coming up for air, 2001); to ferry Liverpool Biennial visitors around that city inside the contemporary, privatized equivalent of a Black Maria (The End of Art Theory, 2001/2002); and to fly the flags of three nations ostracized by UK diplomacy--Taiwan, Bhutan, and, of course, Iraq--from the dignified roof of Liverpool's Cunard b uilding (The Ambassadors, 2001/2002).