other self

See: alter ego
References in classic literature ?
His other self he had located as a savage and a barbarian living under the primitive conditions of several thousand years before.
As his childhood advanced, he grew more cunning, so that the major portion of all his nights were spent in the open at realizing his other self.
Nevertheless, the late American in him was no weakling, and he (if he were a he and had a shred of existence outside of these two) compelled an adjustment or compromise between his one self that was a nightprowling savage that kept his other self sleepy of mornings, and that other self that was cultured and refined and that wanted to be normal and live and love and prosecute business like other people.
She could only realize that she herself--her present self--was in some way different from the other self.
And I was afraid he would ask me point-blank for news of my other self.
My object was attained, as of course my other self in there would have heard everything that passed.
I snatched off my floppy hat and tried hurriedly in the dark to ram it on my other self.