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41) As he stated at the outset of book I, Alberti concludes that the best life is the one that unites otium and negotium, though keeping more in otium if possible, and that enables the soul to engage in contemplation and speculation to a greater extent than action.
So not attending 'home' games in Northampton, hurts Otium - but it hurts CCFC too.
Fumaroli suggests that scholars are only now in a position to appreciate baroque Italy on its own terms - as a culture of otium.
Then as we reeled from that body blow we are told by Coventry City Council that they will not be selling the freehold to Otium but they can come back and rent.
The Sky Blue Trust issued a statement which read: "The release by Otium of illustrations of a proposed stadium, designed to become the home of Coventry City, is an interesting exercise but still leaves many key questions unanswered.
While published epigrams were often defended as the consolatory fruit of otium, it is dear that the original composition of religious epigrams in fact often stemmed from negotium, that is, dutiful labor.
As Fischer drily notes, "[s]o powerful was the ethic of otium in the Ancient Dominion" that the "nearest industrious artisan" who could engrave the medal lived in Philadelphia.
Wealthy humanist churchmen dotted the hillside with villas and set about recapturing the aura of ancient Roman otium.
To this reader, the latter essay offered an interesting examination of how metaphors of cultivation of the earth could become exhortations for the "cultivation of the soul"--now removed from its aristocratic context of otium enjoyed at one's country estate and made applicable to the life of the Christian tenant farmer.
His remarkable capacity for adjustment to his new environment truly offers a quiet picture of Taoist otium par excellence.
NetVault: Report Manager is the result of a strategic collaboration between BakBone Software and Otium Software(TM) Ltd, a United Kingdom-based provider of affordable SRM software.
Accounts for Sky Blues Sport and Leisure and the club's main parent company Otium Entertainment, have been filed with Companies House and show the owners agreed to convert PS60,898,116 of Otium's loan debt to Sisu into shares.