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He continued to insist that his ousting was unconstitutional.
The Agency didn't play a lead role in ousting Milosevic.
The possible scenarios: Another six years of PRI rule while opposition parties grow increasingly frustrated--and perhaps radicalized--by being shut out of power; or ousting the PRI and setting about the enormously difficult task of creating a new nation.
Communist rebel leaders urged Filipinos on Tuesday to unite in ousting President Joseph Estrada, saying he is obstructing peace talks between them and the government.
Marches planned for two-year anniversary of Mubarak ousting
The ousting of Mohammed Dahlan, for years Fatah's strongman in the Gaza Strip, and the splits it has revealed, could damage the movement's standing in unity talks with its rival faction, Islamist Hamas.
country that ousting Qaddafi was very important for the security of both
Speaking at the press conference, Tekebayev said that recent riots that led to ousting of Kyrgyz government has brought a historic change in the country.
Rusedski was a losing finalist in Moscow 12 months ago, ousting Ivo Karlovic, Filippo Volandri, Joachim Johansson and Dominik Hrbaty before losing to Nikolay Davydenko.
In ousting McDonald, voters finished the board repudiation they began during the primary elections in February, when they rejected incumbents Elena Hubbell and Richard Raad.
Musharraf was speaking at his first press conference since ousting the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Oct.