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HELLO, HELLO, HELLO: One of the three police cars with an out-of-date tax disc at Birkenhead Police Station and, above, an out of date disc from September last year
Committee chairman James Arbuthnot added: "It cannot be right that the House is called upon during each financial year to approve sums which the MoD knows are significantly out-of-date and do not represent its latest assessments of the costs of operations abroad.
However, the potentially dangerous out-of-date produce simply sat on the shelves among fresh produce without warning that it had expired.
Voice and data are converging on so many fronts that ignoring it could leave an IHE with much higher communications expenses-and supporting an out-of-date campus network.
2) Using just the out-of-date roll of black-and-white film she found in her bag, Cheryl Romo snapped this photo of her son, Michael Roberts, with his girlfriend, Wendy Anderson, on their last visit before he shipped out.
The new research found that half use out-of-date food when preparing meals at home.
Weiss is being recognized for creating affordable office space in Melville through the redevelopment of out-of-date industrial buildings.
Half of the time, organizations are inadvertently running hundreds or thousands of copies of unlicensed software, or out-of-date software, or unapproved--perhaps security-weak--software.
Instead of the usual clutter of signs, notices, medical records and tattered out-of-date magazines, here a limited palette of materials that are carefully detailed creates a serene atmosphere.
The first book has a more "professional" look and feel and appears to go into more depth on some issues, including using specific models of cameras and equipment, which may make it seem out-of-date in a short time.
His Armani tux was hopelessly out-of-date, and he didn't want to embarrass the rest of the cast, but then, they all had husbands and wives, and he was bringing his mother.
Unlike others who have addressed the topic before her, Jakes is not wedded to out-of-date, legalistic precepts, but instead offers advice that recognizes the realities of the 21st-century woman.