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It begins in 1910 with a white chador, not a black one, and the unibrow look that is so out-of-fashion now.
While the effort to lend pedigree to the up-and-corners and contemporary credibility to some out-of-fashion elders might have been as unconvincing as it was well-intentioned, what was clear was that there was still a widely felt need to take formal and material heterogeneity as in itself a primary means for metaphorical (rather than directly referential) engagement with the present.
Eunice Clara Mae Who charged with rage these out-of-fashion names Your Dawns and Chelseas candle in sleek throats To mouth and summon if ever they pray Prudence Vera Faith and you: Dorothy
But the out-of-fashion advice by author Constanza Miriano is proving a hit with customers in Spain, who sent the book surging in to the top 20 chart on Amazon.
Bored of the dull, uncool and out-of-fashion clothes hanging in your cupboards?
Moreover, stalls outside different shops offering out-of-fashion items on sale are also attracting a large number of people.
Rogue Herries, Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, until April 20 OUT-OF-FASHION novelist Hugh Walpole wondered whether his enormous fame and success would endure.
This book's ideas might seem terribly out-of-fashion now (unless M.
I learned a long time ago to cruise thrift stores for out-of-fashion (and often hideously tinted) leather jackets.
In the 70s, entertainers like Frank Worthington, Stan Bowles and Alan Hudson were largely wasted because crowd-pleasing was out-of-fashion.