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The spokeswoman said Susan was "absolutely fine" after the outburst in Terminal 5.
To be diagnosed, the child has to have frequent, severe temper outbursts "grossly out of proportion" to the situation, averaging at least three times per week.
The outburst of such glacial lakes may result in flooding.
Measuring delays in time between these events finally produced better constraints on the exact location in the vicinity of supermassive black holes where the gamma-ray outbursts take place.
In an astonishing outburst the Red Bull ace branded the new nearly soundless cars as "s**t".
UxXCGfmSy_w) study reported in 2002 linked anger outbursts to brain dysfunction.
Approximately 27 and 95 hours of unfiltered photometry were obtained during the 2009 and 2012 outbursts of PU UMa respectively using the instrumentation shown in Table 1 and according to the observation log in Table 2.
Here's the problem: Many children with explosive outbursts have depression and dysthymia, or PTSD," or some other exclusionary problem, or don't meet all of the DMDD requirements.
Astronomers first took notice of the young star, known as V1647 Orionis, in January 2004, near the peak of an outburst.
Where glaciers are found on top of volcanoes enhanced glacier melting is likely to result in increased volcanic activity, enabling the sudden melt and release of large volumes of water as giant glacier outburst floods.
Summary: Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom is to take no further action following a foul-mouthed outburst by two Big Brother contestants.
The six miners were killed on August 6, 2007, when roof-supporting coal pillars collapsed in a catastrophic coal outburst that violently ejected coal over a half-mile area in the underground mine tunnels.