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Switzerland's Nadia Pfister from took only 18 minutes to outclass Madian Zafar from Pakistan while Naouran El-Torky from Egypt defeated Zahab Kamal Khan in straight games.
Yesterday's victory, over qualifier Rogier Wassen, told us little other than the veteran Spaniard can still hold a racket, and he is likely to be outclass by a player going places.
The Briton, who had extended his lead to 18-11 by the end of the round, stepped up another gear in the third and the referee stopped the contest on the outclass rule when he moved 32-12 ahead.
Spent part of last year under repair for a stress fracture, but back in excellent form now and she is expected to outclass this moderate opposition.
The English-trained daughter of Night Shift should outclass her fifteen rivals from her favourable draw in stall number two.
Customers have enthusiastically embraced F5's application switches because they clearly outclass the competition and offer an adaptive solution that can evolve with the demands placed on enterprise and service provider networks -- saving considerable time and money.
James Thomas, Corporate Manager of Internal Command International stated: "With our licensing of this technology, the affected industries around the world who have already seen the potential of this valve system, will outclass their competitors, be it electrical, power tool, fluid measurement, elevator safety, or air compression.