outer boundary

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If K is held constant and C is doubled, the storage efficiency increases by 10% because more energy is stored in the ground and less leaves (or enters) through the outer boundary of the system.
While videographing the route to Raksha Bhawan, I had also videographed the outer boundary wall of Prime Minister's residence," Headley's interrogation report said.
In the second stage, iris outer boundary points are detected.
These equations are subject to the boundary conditions at the particle surface and at the cell outer boundary.
Crisp, taut fender lines that project a distinct edge form at the fender crown, soften slightly at the nose and tail, create a tight radius at the transition point between horizontal and vertical surfaces, and mark the outer boundary of the valley between the hood and fenders.
Exposure has been defined as "the contact of a chemical, physical, or biological agent with the outer boundary of an organism" (Berglund et al.
Every time batsmen sent a ball flying to the outer boundary, loud music drowned out the cheering of the crowd.
Plasma at the outer boundary flows into a separate chamber where it strikes the divertor surface and is neutralized.
Laid out in two concentric routes, the par-70, 6,398-yard course parallels most of the facility's outer boundary in a mostly clockwise-turning front nine, then shifts to predominantly right-to-left routing on an inner-perimeter back nine.
The former uses only the outer boundary of the shape while the latter uses the entire shape region (Rui et al.
When they are measured at all, pollutant concentrations are measured at the outer boundary of the mixing zone rather than at the pipe.
In this particular case, the court found that public investors were beyond the outer boundary of what constituted a "limited group.

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