outer district

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As can be seen in the map, Michelin selected restaurants primarily in Taipei's core, older districts, including Datong, Wanhua, Zhongzheng, Songshan, Da'an, and Xinyi, with only one eatery in the outer district of Shilin.
Contract awarded for Outer district and other three places drainage facility maintenance construction
The G Force Cricket Academy Under-12 boys played 22 matches in nine days against Surrey Outer District, Surrey County Junior squad and Oxford MP Cricket Academy at Epsom College ground and yet finished their campaign with flying colours.
in Matou village of Longguangqiao township in Heshan, an outer district of Yiyang city in Hunan Province, Xinhua quoted the press office of the Yiyang city committee of the Communist Party of China as saying in a press release.
Hu was detained for eight hours after being taken from his home in Beijing's outer district of Tongzhou on Thursday, a day after police raided his home.
According to police, around 9 am the outer district police was alerted that in the T Block a man had attacked a Class 12 student with a knife.
In 2007, then-Prime Minister and current President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an proposed that the research faculties of the hospitals be transferred to a city hospital to be founded in the ykitelli quarter, located in the outer district of KE-cE-kcekmece.
Maintenance Operation electrical installation and Fans Pump sets at various police station DCP Outer District under AE E M 3522 SGM Hospital Mangolpuri Delhi
A new outer district was also introduced after dividing the West district.
Delivery of a hydraulic excavator including attachments for use on the dredger Leerort the outer district 1 in Leer.
We later intervened and asked them to perform the ceremony together in order to avoid any communal clash," Vikramjit Singh, DCP, outer district said.
By the contractor are to be performed on the dams of the ME-ritz-Elde waterway and StE[micro]rwasserstraE-e and on various locks and operating surfaces of the outer district Grabow mowing.