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Support for ANSI SQL-92 outer join syntax generation - JDB interface
Advanced features include bi-directional scroll cursors, multiple BLOB fields per table, declarative referential integrity with triggers, and SQL-2 compliant multi-table outer joins.
xfODBC provides a new level of performance and functionality with outer joins, expanded SQL syntax support, and an easy-to-use dialogue for data source setup.
Rwiz offers automated features such as complex expressions, supports outer joins, prompts, fixed width files, and multiple queries to name a few.
xfODBC Connect extends existing Synergy/DE ODBC technology to include relational database management system features such as outer joins for extended data access.
We have extensive hands-on experience with DB2, and have worked closely with the DB2 Santa Teresa Labs to provide feedback for improving the DB2 optimizer performance in the areas of outer joins, case expressions, table expressions and global temporary tables," Mr.
New ANSI-compliant features include extended transaction semantics, two-phase commit support, referential integrity and constraints, outer joins, correlated sub-queries, and multi-byte character support.