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In the outermost regions, in 2017 the EIB Group also provided EUR 25m in Juncker Plan financing to telecoms operator TELCO OI to facilitate access to superfast mobile broadband in Runion and Mayotte, and signed an innovative partnership with the Runion Region to strengthen businesses access to financing whilst developing their growth and competitiveness.
A comparison of epidermal equivalents generated from iPSC, hESC and primary human keratinocytes (skin cells) from skin biopsies showed no significant difference in their structural or functional properties compared with the outermost layer of normal human skin.
Poetry is as necessary to comprehension as science" wrote Henry Beston in this 1928 classic which chronicles the austere year he spent contemplating the natural world from a small cabin on the outermost beach of Cape Cod.
When these animals molt, they shed the outermost layer of this skin at one time.
As predicted by area academics and public officials, the steady increase of prosperous black families moving to the outermost counties of Washington, D.
The outermost of Beijing's concentric rectangles housed the lower ranking civil servants and was known as the Inner City, or Tartar City (all Chinese inhabitants were driven out into the Outer City in the seventeenth century).
Rendered on the log scale with the radius of the massive Sun as 1, the average radius of the outermost planet, Pluto, lies some 4 orders of magnitude beyond the Sun.
Because the nanotubes are multi-walled, researchers were careful to attach the cantilevers only to the outermost shell.
State law extends territorial waters to three miles beyond the outermost islands and includes all waters between the islands and the coast.
Clearly, it was the electrons in the outermost shell that were most exposed and were therefore most capable of being removed, or of being shifted from one atom to another.
The recession, which virtually halted development on the southern end of Battery Park City proved to be a stumbling block for retailers who were leery of being on the development's outermost fringe.