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For more information about Country Outfitter, visit www.
Ask for a list of specific references and, if possible, for hunters in your state who have hunted with the outfitter.
Classic Outfitters operates in Alberta's legendary Bow Zone, a 1,600-square-mile, archery-only area around Edmonton.
Dave Corcoran, co-owner of the River's Edge Outfitters in Bozeman, Mont.
During a recent discussion of NEPA and its impact on permit renewals for outfitters Dick Woodrow of the Forest Service stated, "Someone out there is trying to stop everything that is going on on national forest lands, and NEPA is one of the processes they can use.
Some outfitters get even fancier, serving up eggs benedict for breakfast and European sauces at dinner.
As for me, it took adding up the price of four unsuccessful self-guided elk hunts to determine that my money would have paid a good outfitter and most likely produced a shot opportunity.
The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) and Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters (NOTO) has brought a case before the courts to fight for the right to hunt and fish.
There are a lot of services a good outfitter should provide before the actual hunting ever starts.
Joyce Mickelson, an outfitter with the Salmon River Lodge, described being caught for several days in an autumn rainstorm: A cold wind came up, the temperature dropped, and it kept on raining.
The outfitter also never brought up a way to make the sour trip up to him.
The recently signed memorandum of understanding is a guide tourist outfitters can use to negotiate a resource stewardship agreement with a forest company.