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That's why it's critical to ask about an outfitter's guides and their skill levels.
To receive an application for Kern River Outfitter's April Guide School and Swift Water Rescue course, call 1-800-323-4234, or e-mail Keith Stephens at luther@kernrafting.
I want an uncut list so I can get a balanced view of the outfitter's operation.
Expecting good hunting in an outfitter's camp goes without saying.
Both Mickelson and Grant assert that a good outfitter's cache or camp is neat and unobtrusive.
American Eagle Outfitter's new Web site will drive sales growth and help the company build even stronger relationships with its customers.
After booking a reputable outfitter well in advance, Bill failed to draw a limited elk tag in that outfitter's zone.
From the Kids' and Outfitter's Cabins to our golf courses and now The Ranch Clubhouse, the vision is becoming a reality.
Phil said he was a little concerned about the trip as it was the outfitter's first year in business.