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Cyrano SA, the French testing tools vendor, hopes to outflank its traditional rivals in the testing arena Rational and Mercury Interactive, by releasing security fault checking and remediation software.
It is a virtue of Adolf Max Vogt's brilliant book, subtitled an 'Archaeology of Modernism' that we can now see many reasons for the conjunction: the alienation of the passionate intellectual in Modern Society; the need to go back to origins in order to be 'certain'; reculer pour mieux sauter; the need to outflank the Academy by being 'Future/Past' in a new way.
These assertions gave the council significant bargaining power with the dukes upon their return in 1563, so much so that the dukes established rival charitable institutions in efforts to outflank it.
The boy adds more dirt, vainly attempting to outflank and contain the water.
Pleasanton to outflank and destroy Price's army at Westport (near Kansas City) (October 23); after the war, Blunt worked as a land claims agent, and died in 1881.
doncaster 1 leicester 0 CHAMPIONSHIP MARK DUFFY reckons Doncaster's wingmen can outflank the best in the Championship.
Organiser Alex Bulloch MBE said: "The operation was designed to outflank the German defensive line by establishing a bridgehead at the Dutch town of Arnhem.
The figures mean a Labour-Lib Dem coalition could still outflank the Tories on Friday morning.
1 billion tax on the wealthiest homeowners as the party sought to outflank Labour on help for those on low incomes.
Search, engage, outflank, assault and pursue should be our modus operandi, not leftover passive peacekeeping defensive tactics, which have so infected Canadian tactical thought.
In the first game against New Zealand, they made one or two adjustments to their alignment, andwere able to outflank England virtually at will.