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Operating at petabyte scale, MarkLogic Server is a next generation database for unstructured information that allows customers to outflank their competition by consistently getting to better decisions faster.
doncaster 1 leicester 0 CHAMPIONSHIP MARK DUFFY reckons Doncaster's wingmen can outflank the best in the Championship.
Organiser Alex Bulloch MBE said: "The operation was designed to outflank the German defensive line by establishing a bridgehead at the Dutch town of Arnhem.
The figures mean a Labour-Lib Dem coalition could still outflank the Tories on Friday morning.
1 billion tax on the wealthiest homeowners as the party sought to outflank Labour on help for those on low incomes.
I felt we could hang on and we could win ugly but the loss of Walker was crucial as they were able to outflank us for the winning try.
Search, engage, outflank, assault and pursue should be our modus operandi, not leftover passive peacekeeping defensive tactics, which have so infected Canadian tactical thought.
presents a military history of Operation Shingle, the World War II Allied amphibious landings at Anzio, Italy intended to outflank German forces and enable an attack on Rome that bogged down in months of stalemate before finally achieving its objectives.
Both suggest that AOL wants to use ICQ and its 21 million loyal users to outflank the big (and mostly unprofitable) players in the portal wars.
Once the defensive perimeter begins reacting to this kind of pre-snap motion, you should be able to manipulate and outflank them.
Standing room only audiences are attending a record number of sessions ranging from "Google at Your Doorstep," "Track and Outflank Your Competition" and "Turning Improved User Experience into Profit," to an introduction to the newest version of FAST ESP.