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Their interest in desegregating their day camp in the early 1960s was an outgrowth of their commitment to the belief that camp provides a special environment--an environment where children can learn to embrace differences and be catalysts for changing the way we function in a global world.
This New York Times best-selling book is an outgrowth of a public call he made for an agenda at last year's "Tavis Smiley Presents: State of the Black Union" annual forum, a recent fixture of C-SPAN's Black History Month coverage.
For me this equation between signification and cancerous outgrowth is more compelling than the equation made in the show's title, between utopia and the international dissemination of camouflage designs, not only among armies, but, via advertising and fashion, to civilian populations as well.
This new initiative, an outgrowth of our recent successful Local Voices project, is funded primarily by the Knight Foundation.
According to Make Believe's vocalist Tim Kinsella--a punk/ indie-rock legend in his own right based on his work with Cap'n Jazz and Joan of Arc--his new outfit was just a natural Outgrowth of the collective interests of he and the rest of the members: drummer Nate Kinsella, bassist Bobby Burg and guitarist Sam Zurick.
Skills assessment: The S corporation study is an outgrowth of an existing pilot project that began in October 2004 and encompasses review of filed S and partnership returns.
Specifically, the agent is expected to halt the progression of the disease by inhibiting nerve cell death and promoting neurite outgrowth.
imposed trade sanctions on Iraq after the Gulf War (these sanctions, ironically, were the outgrowth of a UN-led effort).
is an outgrowth of the Azdel Superlite GMT (glass-mat thermoplastic) material used in a variety of auto interior and exterior components.
He says he believes the importance of play is culturally under-appreciated and that homework is ah outgrowth of broader cultural anxieties about the sanctity of work.
This is a logical outgrowth of the successful relationship we have enjoyed with Doug Clute for several years now," said MMM president and CEO Bruce Bodden.
Everything we are into, in one way or another, is an outgrowth of our scrap trading and processing business.