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Outlandishly cool with 6 pairs of bundled colourful neon acoustic rings that let users have fun personalizing their style - up to 30 combinations.
The report said that with this price cut and the introduction of the wallet-friendly Moto G back in late November; Motorola is positioning itself as a player that can deliver new remarkably solid smartphone experiences at prices that can seem outlandishly low compared to most competitors.
She's crude, jaded, pessimistic and, most importantly, outlandishly funny.
Preferred by knowledgeable sheep hunters for its extraordinary reach, it offers unsurpassed extreme-range trajectory and energy in a rifle that isn't outlandishly bulky or heavy.
Now Hopkins is attempting to keep herself in the headlines by courting controversy with outlandishly shallow viewpoints.
A day after Narendra Modi was outlandishly credited with rescuing 15000 Gujarati in a single day in the Hill State, one witnessed the spectacle of Congress president Sonia Gandhi flagging off a fleet of trucks packed with essentials for the victims of the natural catastrophe in the area that's home to the Chr Dhms: Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamnotri.
THEY came in their hundreds, many dressed outlandishly in an attempt to steal the show as they courted the spotlight.
One bracelet wraps up the wrist like a snake, and a pair of tiger-headed ear cuffs sit outlandishly on top of the lobe.
The problem is with that idiotic "alternative sources" boondoggle, especially Navy Secretary Mabus' "Green Fleet" demonstration where he intends to develop and procure outlandishly expensive fuel in order to show that no amount of money is too much to waste for a show.
The annual extravaganza, dubbed by organizers as a "Caribbean showcase for the world", attracts a million spectators to see floats with powerful sound systems packed with outlandishly dressed dancers make their way through west London.
A scandal broke out in October last year when the Russian business daily Vedomosti published photographs of outlandishly expensive watches on the wrists of the national elite.
Villa prices were reported as having risen by 17 per cent since the mid-point of 2009, but are unlikely to return to the outlandishly inflated peaks prevailing in