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The court found that Maloof's personal loan guarantee, his pledge of stock and the bank's control of Level Propane did not constitute an economic outlay to create basis.
Oren, (2/12/04), aff'g TC Memo 2002-172, that loans husband-and-wife taxpayers made to two of their S corporations from funds lent to them by their third S corporation, to which the two corporations, in turn, made loans of the same amount, were not actual economic outlays.
The flurry of increases in outlays that occurred near the conclusion of last fall's budget deliberations is troubling because it makes the previous year's lack of discipline less likely to have been an aberration.
il] represent the irreversible rent-seeking outlay expended by firm i in the first stage and let [X.
2) Note now that closer the factory is to the input sources higher the level of optimum output for a given outlay, and the maximum output that can be produced optimally for a given outlay E, is by locating its factory at either A or B - and that means by shifting its outlay locus to [[Alpha].
There was no immediate explanation for the increased outlay for outsourced staff.
Shih Su-mei, director general of the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting, and Statistics (DGBAS), stated that the compilation of next year's central government budget follows the principle of "expansion of capital outlay and contraction of regular outlay.
In Tables 1 and 2 the UOR include almost all of the outlay offsets in the government accounts.
Luiz's position was that he had made an economic outlay relating to Green Valley's debts before or during 1996 to 1997.
The DBM attributed infrastructure spending growth at the end of the first eight months to 'the implementation of public infrastructure projects of the DPWH (road repair and rehabilitation, flood control projects) and the Department of Transportation (rail and transport infrastructure), other capital outlay projects in state universities and colleges (construction, repair and rehabilitation of school facilities, acquisition of equipment) and the DOH (upgrading of health facilities and purchase of hospital/medical equipment), and the modernization program of the Department of National Defense-Armed Forces of the Philippines (purchase of ammunitions, transport equipment and other defense assets).
According to an RBI study, the multiplier effect of capital outlay by states is higher than that by the Centre, as it is more growth-inducing.