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It is a heavy annoyance to a writer, who endeavors to represent nature, its various attitudes and circumstances, in a reasonably correct outline and true coloring, that so much of the mean and ludicrous should be hopelessly mixed up with the purest pathos which life anywhere supplies to him.
What I contend for is the authenticity of the outline.
What I outline here is a national, or rather international, system for the providing of the material needs of men.
Still slower, until the dim outlines of a desolate beach grew visible.
The uncovered part had the appearance of a huge cylinder, caked over and its outline softened by a thick scaly dun-coloured incrustation.
The most beautiful colours, laid on confusedly, will not give as much pleasure as the chalk outline of a portrait.
when she displays her dainty outline, her richly ornamented form, and chatters gaily with the foolish man
Beside him glided Caderousse, whose desire to partake of the good things provided for the wedding-party had induced him to become reconciled to the Dantes, father and son, although there still lingered in his mind a faint and unperfect recollection of the events of the preceding night; just as the brain retains on waking in the morning the dim and misty outline of a dream.
No regular beauty pleases egotistical human beings so much as a softened and refined likeness of themselves; for this reason, fathers regard with complacency the lineaments of their daughters' faces, where frequently their own similitude is found flatteringly associated with softness of hue and delicacy of outline.
Here and there the hills fell away in long, low points, and broke the sameness of the outline, or setting to the long and wide field of snow, which, without house, tree, fence, or any other fixture, resembled so much spot less cloud settled to the earth.
Very distinctly as regards its outline, but quite indistinctly, indeed not at all, as regards the details inside the outline.
As soon as she could discern the outline of the house--newly thatched with her money--it had all its old effect upon Tess's imagination.