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This period is decisive for Chinas goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way by 2020, and also key for promoting the countrys cultural development, the outline said.
Outline for iPad gives even a broader choice being able to work with MS SharePoint stored notebooks, while Outline for Mac provides read-only access to windows file shares as an extra sync location.
Few board certification examinations require physicians to understand concepts related to genetic testing and counseling or how to take or interpret family history, according to an analysis of the content outlines of such exams for 43 medical specialties.
Like the elements in an RSS document, these attributes provide information about the items in your outline that can be used to repackage and display them in a variety of contexts.
1999), in studying first-semester students, found modest ratings for chapter outline familiarity, probability of use, and value (ratings around 4 on a 17 scale).
If everything goes to plan, the filled outline will coincide with the end of the exhibition in October.
Local planning authorities may grant outline planning permission, subject to a condition specifying matters that are to be agreed later.
99) doesn't just admonish that rewrites are necessary: it shows how to avoid rewrites by producing an outline so detailed that it can double as a first draft.
A 1976 report, Human Health and the Environment, comprised the input of over 80 scientists and resulted in a comprehensive outline of research needs including focus on specific pollutants of air, food, and water.
With the use of a magic marker (or possibly paint), you can outline a single line of bricks at about eye level.
outline recommendations on present and future auxiliary personnel needs
We recommend that the example be expanded to outline the CRA's position whether a permanent establishment of the lessor results when the lessor also provides the maintenance services, either under the leasing contract or under a separate contract.