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One of the most disruptive trends is X-as-a-Service business models , which could enable nimble companies to outmanoeuvre traditional players through innovative solution offerings.
Rogers AT&T Wireless customers must outmanoeuvre their
HAWKESBURY can outmanoeuvre a strong field declared for the Merriebelle Stable Pavilion Stakes at Ascot.
I find the scenarios in this series incredibly realistic as the US government tries to outmanoeuvre terrorists in Pakistan hellbent on attacking the USA.
Khalid Eid, managing director of the World Development Forum, said in order to achieve a competitive advantage, banks are looking to technology to lead their innovation both internally and externally to outmanoeuvre the competition.
So Ord has urged his young side to outmanoeuvre their opponents by sustaining their own brand of slick attacking play.
The cost of advertising strategies can be very significant for businesses, especially for smaller companies seeking to outmanoeuvre their larger rivals.
Trying to outmanoeuvre Western military intervention, Gaddafi's government had declared a ceasefire yesterday.
But as they are forced to confront their rival, Dom and Brian must give in to an uncertain new trust if they hope to outmanoeuvre him.
We're going to outmanoeuvre everybody who is going to remain in the old mode of thinking about economic prospects.
99 BASED on Walt Disney Pictures' animated feature film of the same name, the Gameboy Advance title picks up where the movie left off, putting players in a fast-moving, action packed race across the West as they track down, outmanoeuvre and capture renegade outlaws.
As they try to outmanoeuvre each other to gain information about a lucrative product, they have difficulty maintaining a professional focus amid the sexual tension.