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Since the very start of the crisis Russia has actively called for a peaceful settlement to inclusive transparent dialogue between the sides to the internal Ukrainian conflict and it has done its outmost to insure that conversation be establish on fundamental political and constitutional issues.
Those wanting death certificates to the outmost left, those looking to replace lost ID cards to the right, those who have to register the births of the newborns, somewhere in the middle and so on.
Patients and their families need our outmost care and compassion," Al Maidoor said.
asp) but the particular murder shows the violence against children who require the outmost care"- further stated Mr.
In a statement the firm said: "The trust of our customers is of outmost importance, which is why the concerned production batch of meatballs was immediately withdrawn and we are now taking this extra-precautionary measure.
The outmost periderm layer--made up of cork cells that die soon after their protective qualities have developed--is the visible, touchable surface of smooth-barked trees.
Commenting on the vote, Nikzad Rahbar said on Tuesday that the Iranian delegation will do its outmost through diplomatic measures to take the position of General Secretary for the country, adding that Iran will not support any of the two candidates from Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
Safak Guvenc, General Manager of W Doha, Starwood Hotels & Resorts added: "At Starwood Hotels & Resorts we are committed to do the outmost to consume less and to care for our planet.
Another MEP and a member of the Observer Mission, Michael Gahler, stated that merely criticizing Ukraine would not be beneficial and that it was of outmost importance to intensively cooperate with the country in order to bring it closer to Europe and European standards.
From this perspective, the role of the Romanian Constitutional Court in preserving the principle of checks and balances is of an outmost importance--its strengthens it by ruling in its spirit, it renews it by clarifying the constitutional provisions that were until then disputed or used in different purposes and finally, it places it at the center of the dualistic dimension of the juridical conflicts of a constitutional nature, namely in between the juridical and the legal dimension of such conflicts.
Your role as civil society is of outmost importance in the fight against corruption in the oil and mining sector," Dau said in his speech read by his advisor, Chuor Deng Mareng.
Whether the system develops in the direction of resilient authoritarianism or competitive authoritarianism, the quality of public officials is of outmost importance.