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The prohibition of outnumbering / majorization was not unfamiliar the Czechoslovak constitutional and political environment.
Prohibition of outnumbering was incorporated to the Constitutional Act No.
In the case of the Czechoslovak federation, however, the idea of equality of both chambers have been brought forth, by adoption of the prohibition of outnumbering applications, in which the Czech and Slovak parts of the Chamber of Nations voted separately, under the conditions of perfect symmetric bicameralism, or perhaps better said tricameralism.
of 27th of October 1968 on Federalization of Czechoslovakia, in Chapter Three, Articles 41 to 43, where all cases and matters requiring compliance with the prohibition of outnumbering were listed.
The prohibition of outnumbering also applied for the approval of the program and policy statement of the federal government and for the proposal to a vote of confidence in the government (Constitutional Act 143/1968: Article 42, paragraph 3), which will later be related to the split of Czechoslovakia.
Prohibition of outnumbering was actually reflected also in the provisions for minimal presence of Chamber of Nations deputies in order to allow voting.
Prohibition of outnumbering did not get the opportunity to actually manifest its effectivity until 1989.
Prohibition of outnumbering and the obligation to comply with it in all critical areas the new political representation was facing, greatly complicated from the very beginning the post-November (post-Communist) political and constitutional development.
Although the prohibition of outnumbering was subject of criticism, it was not depreciated absolutely.
Prohibition of outnumbering in practice fully appeared only once, during the failed attempt to elect Vaclav Havel as the President on a joint session of all the Chambers of Federal Assembly on 3rd of July 1992.