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To the east the road swept backwards into the wilds, and some two miles along it was the next English outpost.
An Outpost of Progress" is the lightest part of the loot I carried off from Central Africa, the main portion being of course "The Heart of Darkness.
On the eighteenth and nineteenth of November, the army advanced two days' march and the enemy's outposts after a brief interchange of shots retreated.
I have been at the outposts today and it is impossible to say where his chief forces are situated," said Prince Andrew.
He was marred and scarred by that mysterious world of rough men and rougher deeds, the outposts of which began beyond her horizon.
Very quiet and still they lay, save for a muttered jest or whispered order, for twice during the long morning they heard bugle-calls from amid the hills on either side of them, which showed that they had thrust themselves in between the outposts of the enemy.
Sentinels, doubled in number, were placed at all the outposts.
As he spoke, some outposts of poetry and perhaps of sympathy fell ruining, and she retreated to what she called her "second line"--to the special facts of the case.
Then came a turnpike; then fields again with trees and hay-stacks; then, a hill, and on the top of that, the traveller might stop, and--looking back at old Saint Paul's looming through the smoke, its cross peeping above the cloud (if the day were clear), and glittering in the sun; and casting his eyes upon the Babel out of which it grew until he traced it down to the furthest outposts of the invading army of bricks and mortar whose station lay for the present nearly at his feet--might feel at last that he was clear of London.
Tel Aviv: Israel has quietly "legalised" an unauthorised settlement outpost in the West Bank, the Peace Now settlement watchdog said yesterday, in the sixth such move within a year.
While the Israeli Defence Ministry is scheduled to begin the works on the new route, without the prior removal of the newly established outpost, the construction of the new barrier would not be possible.
Israeli media sources reported Sunday that Israeli police gave the outpost settlers evacuation orders at a time when dozens of them barricaded on roof tops.