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Features: Photoelectric parison sensor, trigger-bar packages for optimal output.
While output in the last half of the 1980s did decline slightly, the Soviet Union never came close to becoming a net importer.
The new NAICS-related production indexes will be based on annual output measures that are constructed by reclassifying the establishments in historical Censuses of Manufactures and Mineral Industries under NAICS; annual output indexes constructed this way will maximize the reliability and historical consistency of the IP industry detail.
In spite of the high performance lock-in amplifier used as a second stage signal-amplifier, the signal-to-noise ratio must be optimized for the output of the photocurrent measuring preamplifier.
Canada and Brazil are estimated to have increased SR output in 2000.
With the focus on resource allocation, one of the main concerns in designing a social mechanism to allocate society's resources is efficiency--getting the greatest output from productive inputs (a problem for suppliers).
In addition to ongoing gap analysis, physician executives should keep abreast of environmental changes in order to update strategy, change outputs where necessary, and adjust throughputs to accomplish the new output objectives.
If specialized software is required, as is often the case with large print and voice output, will it run at the same time as the applications software?
Options: Variable-frequency output control, mechanical agitator on each tank, pneumatic filling pumps, output visualization system, mixhead boom mount, magnetic couplings on pumps.
After a marginal decline in 1998, world SR output is estimated to have increased by 2% last year from 9.
In the first half of 2006, raw material price was raised though, however, tyre output continued to be increased dramatically.
Table 3: Residential Building Construction Output in Northern China: Forecast Market Value, 2011-2016