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Or," says Sir Leicester somewhat sternly, for Volumnia was going to cut in before he had rounded his sentence, "or who vindicate their outraged majesty.
It is always distressing when outraged morality does not possess the strength of arm to administer direct chastisement on the sinner.
The French have destroyed my home and are on their way to destroy Moscow, they have outraged and are outraging me every moment.
Diana, pleased and embarrassed, got herself away, and poor Anne, after flinging the innocent check into her bureau drawer as if it were blood-money, cast herself on her bed and wept tears of shame and outraged sensibility.
At least it removed her dread of being laughed at, though the deeper hurt of an outraged ideal remained.
His bare foot caught Jerry on the sensitive end of his recently bobbed tail, and Jerry, outraged, with the sense of sacrilege committed upon him, went instantly wild.
He made a futile rush at White Fang, clipping the empty air with an outraged snap.
I hope so, sir; for the sake of outraged society, I hope so," said the excitable man.
Is there one whom you have not outraged by filching from their very altars a part of the sacrifice offered up to them?
Remember your second resolution," I whispered to the Story Girl, who was stalking along with an outraged expression.
When he was come to Chios, be outraged Merope, the daughter of Oenopion, being drunken; but Oenopion when he learned of it was greatly vexed at the outrage and blinded him and cast him out of the country.
The woman whom she had outraged suddenly advanced on her.