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It could outrange Iraq's Soviet-made tanks because energetics experts developed high-energy propellant grains, each the same size and including engineered holes that enabled increased combustion.
The Japanese naval staff believed that its ability to defeat the American fleet required ships that could outrange opponents.
It is not that the F-16s and KC-135s pose a direct threat--no one seriously contemplates war in the region--but that they so outclass and outrange Peru's MiGs and Argentina's Skyhawks that neither Peru nor Argentina feels that it has much diplomatic leverage with Chile anymore.
When the first Egyptian examples enter service they will outrange all other artillery in the region as, firing suitable ERFB-BB projectiles, they have a maximum range of 41 300 metres.
This increased the maximum range from 4 250 metres to 6 550 metres, a 54% improvement which was quite impressive; but since then the range of conventional mortars has increased, and there are now simple mortars which can outrange the PEPA bomb.