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0 outranks its Kentucky competitors in overall satisfaction as well as both downstream and upstream speeds and scores above-average marks.
Bass Cat, included in the study for the first time, outranks previous awardee Ranger by a close margin in the fiberglass bass boat segment, with high ratings from customers for ride/handling, engine performance and maintenance.
Just over three-quarters of the September hedge fund returns reported to us so far are positive and about half of the total group outranks the S&P 500's 1.
The Internet outranks TV, radio and magazines as a trusted
The winter holiday season outranks all other floral buying seasons, including Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.
Next to price, ease of use outranks technology, size, weight and brand image as key purchasing factors in a recent IDC survey," Gallo says.
According to ABC figures, PC Gamer outranks such popular magazines as GQ and InStyle in terms of growth.
Commenting on the Company's first-place designation, the publication states that "Queens County far and away outranks competitors.
In fact, a survey of parents about turnover rates shows that high-quality on-site child care outranks both salary and job security as the key factor in a worker's decision to stay with their current employer.
As far as visualization and graphics handling capabilities, Silicon Graphics outranks all other systems.