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It has a language of its own, a telephonese that is quite unintelligible to outsiders.
They had little private jokes of their own which, unintelligible to the outsider, amused them enormously.
I may have taught them some things, but I was among them just as an outsider, and I passed all four years of my life there among them.
To an outsider, the statement that Sloanes were Sloanes might not be very illuminating, but she understood.
Yet Trent knew that he was a type of that class which would look upon him as an outsider, and a black sheep, until he had bought his standing.
I 'm an outsider, and they only accept me on Fan's account; so I sit in a corner and sew, while they chatter and laugh.
For nineteen years now the refuge that I selected had been almost continuously occupied, and in all that time, with one exception, it has never been discovered by an outsider.
The fellow is an absolute outsider, anyone can see that.
Mother believed so in ancestors too--it isn't like her to leave anything to an outsider, who'd never appreciate.
Still, any Clover Leaf was privileged to escort or be escorted by an outsider to a single dance.
I don't suppose there's anything an outsider could find out which would be really useful to us, but all the same, if I had the time, I should certainly go down to Norfolk myself.
What it was doesn't much matter, but no outsider would have found those keys in a month of Sundays.