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Meanwhile, a protest demonstration was also held against the administration of the hospital and provincial authorities for not endowing the hospital with appropriate facilities which often result in such mishaps and the people had to suffer during any calamity or outspread of epidemics.
We believe that working with Empire East Africa is a great opportunity to provide our services for people in Kenya, and outspread our network of professionals.
The Topshop billionaire sat there with his arms outspread, daring them to come and have a go if they thought they were hard enough, like a football thug in a French square.
NNA - The Lebanese Union of Poultry hailed in a statement the swift actions by the concerned ministries- notably the Agriculture and Health- on the subject of bird flu, underlining commitment to the adopted measures to limit the outspread of H5N1 flu virus.
The falcon is a symbol of Kuwaiti tradition and culture as the country's national emblem depicts a golden flacon with outspread wings.
UCS has achieved remarkable success and is ranked at the top list nationwide, in terms of role, outspread, capital and profits.
When temperature was low, both sexes commonly basked on the foliage of bushes, with their wings either half open or almost fully outspread.
To reach these beatific acres, he shall have to slowly traverse the purgatorial hinterland, those "barren places" outspread between the new and old cities: "On my last day here, I will walk carefully through the barren places and find the past again, the old city .
His arms outspread like wings, ready to embrace His fellow man.
If he comes near to Me the distance of a cubit, I come near to him the distance of two outspread arms.
beak puncturing a bird-- the long shadow outspread, longer than any