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Charley greatly admired the construction of the new vehicle, and felt certain that it would outstrip any other sled that ever dashed adown the long slopes of the Common.
It is said, however, that the buffaloes on the Pacific side of the Rocky Mountains are fleeter and more active than on the Atlantic side; those upon the plains of the Columbia can scarcely be overtaken by a horse that would outstrip the same animal in the neighborhood of the Platte, the usual hunting ground of the Blackfeet.
But though the Sheriff of Nottingham went fast, he could not outstrip a clothyard arrow.
The Sheep, fearing some fraud was intended, excused herself, saying, "The Wolf is accustomed to seize what he wants and to run off; and you, too, can quickly outstrip me in your rapid flight.
He is in hiding somewhere, for he knew well, black paynim as he is, that our horses' four legs could outstrip his two.
It seemed as if each beast strove to outstrip his neighbour, in gaining this desired cover; and as thousands in the rear pressed blindly on those in front, there was the appearance of an imminent risk that the leaders of the herd would be precipitated on the concealed party, in which case the destruction of every one of them was certain.
Auto Business News-October 10, 2014--Mercedes-Benz outstrips Audi's monthly sales
This outstrips the Sun and Sun on Sunday readership by more than 25 per cent - more than a quarter of a million Scottish readers.
Prepare for the winter outstrips the schedule, said Minister of Energy Osmonbek Artykbaev at the press conference in "Khabar" on 12 August.
Rubber prices, which are at 20-year highs, will stay firm in the long term as global demand outstrips supply and oil prices boost the cost of alternatives, the Malaysian industry said in a report.
The country is also fraught with power outages as demand outstrips supply.
The deal far outstrips any other offer on the table for the team and essentially gives the franchise a stadium for free with no strings attached.