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Those who voted that the benefits outweighed the risks said that if the risk was elevated, it was modest, adding that it is important to have more contraceptive choices available.
The operator only has to satisfy the court that any prejudice caused can be compensated for by money, or is outweighed by the benefits to be enjoyed by potential phone users.
True conflicts of interest generally do require disqualification, except when outweighed by the need for a person's services.
The proposed guidance came within the draft of an annual report that concluded that the annual benefits of federal rules implemented over the past 10 years (between $135 billion and $218 billion) outweighed the costs to society (between $38 billion and $44 billion) by a ratio of 5:1.
This comes as a result of the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, which was halted midway through its completion in July 2002; the WHI found that health risks, such as breast cancer and heart disease, outweighed health benefits with long-term use of Prempro, the combined estrogen with progestin HRT formula most popular in North America.
In the opinion, the majority of justices stated that keeping drugs out of school outweighed the right to privacy.
Prior to reading a series of informational statements about the possible benefits and risks of biotechnology, respondents were more likely to say that the risks of biotechnology outweighed the benefits (40 percent to 33 percent).
Goals by Darren Timms and Harj Dhesi - a cracking 35-yard free-kick, outweighed outweighed a Richard Leadbeater effort.
Through the course of negotiations, Timmins city council evaluated the cost of building a plant and concluded the benefits far outweighed the risks.
Both the BHC Act and the Bank Merger Act also prohibit the Board from approving a proposal that would substantially lessen competition in any relevant banking market unless the anticompetitive effects of the proposal in that banking market are clearly outweighed in the public interest by the probable effect of the proposal in meeting the convenience and needs of the community to be served.
The vice mayor, speaking to reporters in Hong Kong after a briefing for foreign investors, said, "If the company's debts severely outweighed its assets, the company, of course, would seek bankruptcy.
However, if a contractor requires extensive training to do his or her job, the lower direct cost may be outweighed by the indirect costs of replacing the worker when he or she leaves for a more stable position.