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If the set-up were not ridiculous enough ( girl poses as her twin brother so she can play football at his prep school ( director Andy Fickman shows a red card to subtlety and encourages his leading lady to overact, to the point the others look stupid for ignoring the gender-bending deception staring them in the face.
QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Sensational 8 Sad 9 Rod 11 Private 12 Naive 13 Lit 14 Den 15 Videoed 17 Ton 19 Urge 21 Item 23 Flea 25 Gape 27 Tie 29 Emperor 31 Inn 34 Rip 36 Leapt 37 Overact 38 Lap 39 Key 40 Replenished.
The director ignores subtlety and encourages his leading lady to overact so much other characters look stupid for ignoring the gender-bending deception facing them.
Director Iain Softley sustains the tension well; Hudson doesn't overact her part as the young sceptic and Rowlands commands the screen.
ACROSS 1 Shelter; 4 Perfect; 7 Plaster cast; 9 Lane; 10 Faint; 11 Cure; 14 Release; 15 Poultry; 16 Bay leaf; 18 Sinuous; 20 Rare; 21 Marry; 22 Stag; 25 Aristocracy; 26 Toaster; 27 Overact.
It was interesting to see him pop up in Desperate Housewives last week and overact in his usual way.
Emilia Fox is fair enough as Marty's fiancee, here given a kick-boxing make-over for the feminist era, but when Charles Dance can't be bothered to overact as the villain, you know you're in trouble.
Today's Zobeides are classically and emotionally expressive, but sometimes they overact when imitating natural outbursts of passion where Fokine wanted "voluptuousness, cruel as a sting of a bee.