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Not all who dare to venture across the first threshold are capable of successful passage, however; "the overbold adventurer beyond his depth may be shamelessly undone.
Madame Geoffrin silenced her overbold guests with her famous 'Voila qui est bien'--'That's enough for now,'" Dr.
Earth, at least, takes--and rebukes--them seriously: "It is thou who art overbold," she assures the speaker (19).
After the Wicklow trial, Fr O'Keeffe vanished from the forum, and we see him no more, but in fancy we behold him a lonely and pathetic figure, chafing in the enforced retirement in which he passed the remaining years of his sojourn -- a saddening example of a spirit eager and fortright, but venturous and overbold, which was lured to ruin by a zeal that was not tempered by prudence or exercised according to knowledge.