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To report an overcharge, call (562) 940-8916 or see http://acwm.
Schiff's Denver firm, WorkComp Premium Recovery Group, specializes in recovering workers' comp overcharges and providing cost-saving recommendations for reducing current and future premium costs.
Overcharges develop as data is transferred between computer systems.
These overcharge cases generated blizzards of publicity when they were filed during the Carter administration in the days of $40-a-barrel oil and blocks-long gasoline lines.
Although shippers are free to take any of those approaches to handling overcharges, there are some rules that both shippers and carriers must follow when handling overcharge claims.
It subsequently reimbursed policyholders for the overcharge, late fees and related penalties.
Items being incorporated include the four-year statute of limitations on overcharge complaints, luxury decontrol, and the de minimus policy so overcharges cannot be obtained for items like paint color.
After asking Lloyds three times to check their figures, he called in Anglia Business (Tel: 01953 456088) who identified the pounds 11,000 overcharge, which Lloyds is now refunding.
Homeowners who claim an itemized deduction for interest paid on an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and who receive a refund from their mortgage companies in a following year for an earlier interest overcharge must include the refund in income for the year of the refund.
At a meeting on May 17 at Cameron Station, Virginia, a representative of the Office of Naval Acquisition Support revealed that they had retracted the Navy Audit Service finding of a $729,000 overcharge.
The notices about the overcharge conviction must be posted for 60 days, Humphreys said.