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Roaming up and down, round and round, he at length heard a slight movement of the horse close at hand; and the sleeve of his overcoat unexpectedly caught his foot.
He was just out of the hospital, and desperately sick-looking, and with a helpless arm; also he had no overcoat, and shivered pitifully.
He had been summoned by a letter - And he plunged his hand busily into the side pocket of his overcoat, but before the mocking, cynical watchfulness of Mr Vladimir, concluded to leave it there.
The nape of his gross neck became crimson above the velvet collar of his overcoat.
By way of reply, his guest unbuttoned the blanket overcoat.
Jim drew a package from his overcoat pocket and threw it upon the table.
he asked, noticing a sick man of medium height sitting on a bench, wearing a brown overcoat and white trousers that fell in strange folds about his long, fleshless legs.
Beside her, in a cloud of cigar-smoke, stood the owners of the two overcoats, both in morning clothes that they had evidently not taken off since morning.
His victims paint the picture of an athletic man donning a black overcoat and a pair of shorts and who always carries a sword, a torch and a walking stick.
The Overcoat as opera germinated at a LibLab librettist-composer sessions held by Toronto-based Tapestry Opera.
Handling the dry OverCoat powders takes advantage of existing plant equipment.
Edward "Skip" Gerber, a thirty-seven-year-old real estate lawyer, unwittingly embarks on an life-changing adventure when he emerges from an elevator and a mysterious stranger hands him an overcoat.