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They hold inaccurate and stereotyped factual beliefs, hold their beliefs overconfidently, resist correct information, prefer easy arguments, interpret elite statements according to racial or other biases, and rely heavily on scanty information about a candidate's policy positions.
In addition, in the precrisis period, only 55 investors in Japan trade more actively after US market gains implying that ss investors trade more overconfidently after US market gains than sc investors in this period.
Twing, insisted that the owl was indeed the wisest animal in the story, because his observation turns out to be the "moral of the story," and that the answer could not be the hare, who is "presented as incredulous that a pineapple would challenge him to a race, but overconfidently agrees to race a pineapple.
And yet such interpretations, so hedged or not, emerge as overdefined and overconfidently asserted" (43).
As long as the score of overconfidence is positive, someone in this category has a tendency to behave overconfidently, while the negative score of overconfidence will classify people in this group as being under confident.
The common tendency of decision makers to act overconfidently derives from egocentric biases.
At times he overconfidently claims to present Aquinas's "true" position, but such boldness is necessary to unpack the full richness of what Aquinas either implied or took for granted concerning beauty.
That heuristic tends to make people extrapolate overconfidently about predicted characteristics of a class based upon a small sample size of which they happen to be aware.