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In response, officials had worked to improve the counting process to minimize errors, be they what came to be called undercounts, overcounts, miscounts, padding, or curbstoning.
Despite this, ABS has claimed at times that their methods in remote areas probably yield an overcount.
James Madison, often called the Father of the Constitution, defended the "three-fifths" compromise in Number 54 of The Federalist Papers, also noting that any tendency for the states to overcount population for representation purposes was largely offset by the desire to minimize taxation.
These statistics overcount the number of workers added to the labor force through immigration because they include the spouse and children of the immigrant who is coming to the United States for employment.
In fact, through the end of 2003, the accumulated overcount of the estimate of employment in the household survey was nearly half a million workers.
David Grieves, a mental health nurse, runs OverCount, based in Dumfries, which offers help to people addicted to over-the-counter medicines.
David Grieves, of OverCount, an over the counter drugs misuse advice agency, said that inner city areas of the Midlands were fertile ground for the trend to spread.
Barron did point out that there was an overcount of the white population in part due to the double counting of college students, dual households and children in joint custody families.
Beck argue that duplication of reporting produced an overcount.
We estimate that there are 60 to 70 animals, though the counting is tricky--if their timing isn't accurate, they can overcount the same sheep.
By the time BLS discovered this possible overcount, BEA had already issued its three regularly scheduled estimates of both first quarter 1991 GDP and personal income growth.
While the state of exit is not usually in dispute, some specialists feel that figures compiled on that basis grossly overcount states with large ports or air-cargo facilities and undercount states in the interior of the country.