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With a quick temper and an overcritical nature they make great writers.
He was perhaps being a touch overcritical on a team that had just extended its unbeaten run to 11games.
Clinicians who work with substantial numbers of such patients may become overcritical of them or abandon all attempts at maintaining a collaborative stance.
He said: "Maybe I'm being overcritical about myself but the fact is I have not scored nearly enough goals against Rangers and Celtic.
I will only tell you this: I can be overcritical - with myself and with other people.
It's maybe too early to be overcritical but at Celtic you need to score goals - and regularly.
I'm loathe to be overcritical of him, as he is still inexperienced and connections deserve huge respect - however, he's started favourite on each of his last five outings and although he's got the job done twice, the margin of victory was a neck and a head.
To score four goals in any international match nowadays is not to be scoffed at and,if we were being overcritical, we might have had a few more.
Without being overcritical people had not sat down and asked where the company should be in three or four years time and how much investment would it require and what were the strengths and weaknesses of the marketplace?
However, it would be wrong to be overcritical as the pitch conditions were heavy.
He has a young, vibrant side who all want to impress and succeed as a team so it is far too early to be overcritical.
The main tone among punters was not overcritical of Betfair, but it is about time the 'Saturday' issues were addressed.