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Since the first West Coast fish hatchery was built in California 130 years ago, hatcheries have helped foster the myth that Americans can dam and pollute their rivers, overdevelop and overgraze their watersheds and clear-cut their forests and still have abundant, healthy salmon runs.
The proposed extension would overdevelop the site and result in the loss of five parking spaces.
The days of small groups of self-interested businessmen having a free hand to overdevelop at will are gone.
Ward councillor Jayne Cowan said: "If permission was granted for this house it would stick out like a sore thumb, detract from the street scene and overdevelop the site.
They didn't overdevelop,'' said Linda Collet, who with her husband, Mark, was the first buyer.
Only truth will set us free from the wheels of the political machine which is well-oiled with money and is in high gear to run over anyone who gets in their way to ruin and overdevelop our Conejo Valley.
Mr Brown said: "The proposal overdevelops the site and does not follow the footprint of the old school building and retain former playing fields as an open space.